Här kan du se och boka in dig på våra kommande workshops.

Ashtanga, Pranayama and Anatomy

Maria Boox & David Keil

Denna workshop är framflyttad på grund av Covid-19. Vi planerar inför en ny workshop, troligen maj eller juni 2022.

Ashtanga, Pranayama and Anatomy

A unique opportunity with Maria Boox and David Keil in Bollnäs
These two amazing teachers will join forces to take you deeper into your practice. With a limited number of students in each Mysore class, you will receive plenty of personalized attention. In the afternoons we will explore the subtle aspects of breath through traditional pranayama presented by Maria Boox. David will then present functional anatomy as it relates both to the breath, nervous system as well as some of the difficult areas of asana practice. This is a workshop you will not want to miss as these teachers come together to teach!

DAVID KEIL is an Ashtanga practitioner and Authorized, level 2, Ashtanga Yoga teacher who has traveled around the world teaching workshops to yoga practitioners and teachers. The simplicity and accessibility of the information, as David presents it, bring both the technical and subtle aspects of practice alive in a way you’ve never experienced. Explore the Ashtanga practice in a new way and make new connections to your practice.

MARIA BOOX is the pioneer of Ashtanga Yoga in Sweden. She is well established in the Ashtanga yoga tradition and pursues her studies in the lineage of Guruji, Sharath and is authorised level 2 by Guruji. She is also certified by BKS Iyengar, studies philosophy with Ramesh Balsekar and has been certified to teach pranayama by Shri O.P. Tiwariji. All these experiences, education and studies with so many masters in yoga, combined with her caring and warm personality, allows Maria a unique and personal way of teaching yoga.


LOCATION: Yogastudion, Framnäsvägen 19, 821 43  Bollnäs, Sweden

CONTACT INFO: Web:, E-mail:
Elisabeth Andersson, Phone: +46702424590

YOGASTUDION will open 30 minutes before first morning  and afternoon classes. There’s a her and his dressing room and two showers. One shower in the lady’s dressing room, no shower in the men's dressing room but a shower downstairs. Yogastudion has a small shop where you can find kombucha, coconut water, bars, chocolate, clothes and yoga stuff. You can use credit card and also "Swish" if you are from Sweden.
Bring your own Yoga Mat.

THE CITY OF BOLLNÄS is surrounded by beautiful nature and the river Ljusnan passing through the city and ends in the lake Warpen.
You find more information about Bollnäs, tourist attractions and accommodation at the link:

SCANDIC HOTEL is only a 10 minute walk from Yogastudion and they offer a discounted price, 700 SEK Room / Night including breakfast for Yogastudions guests during the period of 12th-16th of May. ( or from 11th when you probably arrive).

You need to book directly with Scandic hotel in Bollnäs and use a code that you will receive with the confirmation/payment details  e-mail from Yogastudion, to get the discount.
Phone: +46278744110

HOW TO GET HERE. Arlanda is the nearest airport and the train and bus transfer is located at the airport. It takes around two and a half hour with train from Arlanda to Bollnäs.  it’s easy to go direct with train ( or by bus (
Bollnäs is a small town, with walking distance to most places and the train and bus station are in the city center. It takes about 15 minutes to walk from the city center to Yogastudion.

RESTURANTS AND CAFES. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes in the city center. My recommendation if you want vegan/vegetarian/special diets is "Lilla k:s trädgårdskök". Great food in lovely environment, located at "Mobackes garden center". More info at and

We will send you a welcome e-mail in the middle of April.

Looking forward seeing you / Elisabeth

Anmäl dig till kursen
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